April, IAAP International Academic Conference:

“A Paradigm for the Future Sciences: Pursuing Universal Science.”

On April 23, 2021 the International Association of Academicians for Peace organized an International Academic Conference with the cooperation of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences under the theme “A Paradigm for the Future Sciences: Pursuing Universal Science.” This event was hosted by Hyojeong Academic Foundation as one of the series of forums honoring the 61st Anniversary of Reverend and Mrs. Moon’s Holy Wedding. The conference was conducted simultaneously online in one hundred countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, and interested parties registered to participate virtually by Zoom or YouTube link.

Four Russian and five international scientists from Korea, Japan, France, and the USA presented research on a variety of contents, from the viewpoints of different science fields, on how each of their areas of expertise connects with the pursuit of Universal Science.

The main purpose of the conference was to present the importance of God, a truth rooted in a deep internal source, and a sound philosophy—not only the contemporary trend emphasizing empirical scientific data.

President of Hyojeong Academic Foundation and International Coordinator of the International Association of Academicians for Peace, Dr. Jin Sung-bae delivered his keynote address on the theme of this conference. Among his highlights he identified two reigning ideologies marking a rift between spiritualism and materialism, which we observe in virtually every field: in the fine arts, in global politics, in the hard sciences, in school education, and even in family counseling.

He mentioned that the prevailing paradigms in science and society have now come to a head, are mushrooming out and showing signs of decline. Science, which once began with Plato as philosophy affirming transcendental reality, has gone the long course from the Renaissance to our prosperous modern era founded on the material paradigm.

The founders of the Unification Movement, Rev. Dr. Moon Sun-Myung, the “Peacemaker,” and Dr. Han Hak-ja, renowned Mother of Peace, initiated a revolution to restore God-centered moral and family values. This revolution also addresses the prevailing material paradigm that threatens the ruin of our global family and biosphere.

The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences was well represented by four scientists and scholars, who have spent decades elaborating a theoretical solution to Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. Dr. Gennady Shipov, founder of the “Theory of Physical Vacuum”, presented his torsion field theory, which addresses the subtle realms underlying physical reality. His embracing solution, complete with mathematical formulas, extends universal relativity to the realms of quantum mechanics and even addresses the “hard problem of consciousness,” connecting all realms of science, life, and nature in an organic collective whole.

Dr. Richard Lewis, retired Senior Research Scientist at Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals in Windlesham, England, in a concise slideshow presented a unified genesis of the entire particle zoo from an insubstantial matrix, illuminating in layman’s terms how there is no contradiction in an insubstantial creator generating physical matter as an emergent property of Logos.

Dr. Kim Jin Choon, Director of Cheon Il Guk Academic Foundation and former President of SunHak Graduate University, laid out an elegant theory of the process of human relationship to space, time, matter and energy through four phases culminating in consciousness which can impinge on zero-point energy via the information field to effect transformation of matter.

Medical doctor Shigehiro Suzuki who operates Sapporo Family Clinic in Japan, showed how people impact our environment; with sound environmental philosophy derived from Divine Principle he brings balanced holistic therapy to his patients and heals the whole person. He boldly proclaimed that, with the corona pandemic, “The era of seeking the symbol of affluence from “things” is over, and from now on, we have entered the era of “heart” where spiritual affluence is required in the connection between people.”

Menas Kafatos is a prolific and versatile professor and researcher in computational physics with Cornell, MIT, Chapman, George Mason, and Goddard Space Flight Center on his resume. From a lifetime of research on the macrocosm and microcosm, he has written The Conscious Universe, Integrative Science, astrophysics, quantum theory and consciousness to name a few of his over 250 articles and books. He graced our forum with his insights into three natural laws that apply to all levels, objects systems and processes in the cosmos.

Didier Guignard is an engineer at “Ecole Superieure d’electricite,” specializing in metrology and computer science. He founded the popular Club Science de Paris for debating topics in science, technology, and environment. He shared how controversy over spirituality can be resolved with a scientific approach. His club’s lively online discussion followed our conference.

Dr. Valentin Chebanov from Stavropol, South Russia joined the forum with his amazing view of the emergence of our cosmos. His essentially monistic scheme reminiscent of evolutionary cosmology ushered us from elementary relations all the way to the highly organized rational society and universe of the future, complete with equations deriving the physical constants.

Dr. Mariya Podarovskaya, Professor of Mathematical Physics at Moscow State University, has been co-worker, organizer and researcher with Gennady Shipov since her student days. She explains how the subatomic world behaves counter to our experience, ingeniously resolving critical gaps in quantum theory and clarifying some abstruse points of Dr. Shipov’s theory.

To round out our short but enlightening forum, Dr. Mikhail Batanov, Professor at Moscow Aviation Research Institute on Aircraft, Rocket Engines and Power Plants expansively revealed patterns found on all levels of reality, described using signature algebra, where number theory mingles with fractals. In closing, he beautifully illuminated the Hebrew name of our Creator.

The conference, followed by an online discussion hosted by the Club Science de Paris, gave us opportunity to deeply consider, contemplate and discuss the ramifications of a future science paradigm that holds every promise of heralding a new age not only in esoteric science but in every field of human endeavor.