Dr. Jin Sung-Bae gave a keynote speech at the the First Russian Conference on the XXI New Science Paradigm

Report on the Moscow Science Conference

William Stoertz report at HJAF on Thurs., Nov. 12, 20201. Name: “The First Russian Conference on the XXI Century New Science Paradigm.”
2. Date: Sat., Nov. 7 and Sun., Nov. 8, 2020. >
3. Dr. Jin Sung-Bae was keynote speaker for the “Science and Philosophy” section (2nd of two sections) under the title “Science and Peace”; his presentation was well received.
4. Organizer: Dr. Gennady Shipov of the “Foundation for Prospective Technologies and Innovations.”
5. Place: A Moscow conference hall with internet links by Zoom and YouTube.
6. Participants: About 200 in the auditorium and more than 1,000 online.
7. Presenters: 25 scientists (mostly physicists) from Russia, Czech, Moldova, Israel, Korea, and the Ukraine.
8. Proceedings: Printed and distributed in Russian before the conference; will be available in English soon.
9. Topic: “New Paradigm Science”; all presentations featured different theoretical aspects of torsion field theory; research evidence of its reality; practical applications and technologies.
10. Points: (1) Dr. Shipov understands Godism Science and presented twice at KINTEX 2020.
(2) Dr. Shipov has been researching this theory for fifty years since 1970.
(3) Dr. Shipov’s research was labeled as “pseudo-science.”
(4) Dr. Jin Sung-Bae, Dr. Kim Jin-Choon, Dr. Paliushev, Yuri Lee, and W. Stoertz studied Dr. Shipov’s work.
(5) The theory, called “Theory of Physical Vacuum”, is based on a physical model with mathematics.
(6) The theory affirms God (termed “The Absolute Void”) and connects well with Unification Thought.
(7) Torsion fields go by other names: “spinor waves”, “non-electromagnetic fields”, “inertial fields”, etc.
(8) The theory presents a solution to Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, the quest of physics for a century.
(9) Applications of the theory can help solve environmental problems such as energy and pollution.
(10) By uniting Theory of Physical Vacuum and Unification Thought we have a “Theory of Everything.”
(11) The conference proceedings are being published in both Russian and English.
(12) HJAF is contacting scientists to write more complete articles to be published in several volumes. Additional points of long-term significance:
I. Holding the Russian Conference helps serve to reconcile strategic nations (Russia, USA, Korea).
II. New Paradigm Science, particularly this conference, help to link the eastern and western spheres.
III. Applications of New Paradigm Science can help protect the environment (energy, pollution, etc.).
IV. IAAP and HJAF are cast in central roles by supporting the key pillars of New Paradigm Science.
V. New Paradigm Science unites material and esoteric science, ultimately religion and science.*click the image to watch video