The commencement ceremony of the 1st “Hyo Jeong Academy: Unification Thought Leadership training course”

On Monday, August 14, 2017, the commencement ceremony of the first “Hyo Jeong Academy: Unification Thought Leadership training course” was held through the sponsorship of Sun Moon University and the International Unification Thought Institute at the Cheon Bok Gung central church.

More than 90 regional directors and ministers from all over the nation participated.

After bowing to the portrait of True Parents, Dr. Sung-bae Jin, the president of the International Unification Thought Institute and the chairman of Hyo Jeong Academy of Arts and Sciences gave a welcoming address. He said that we have to be equipped with the ideology of the Unification Thought in order to provide resolutions for the conflicts in the societies. It is to bring victory for the goal of Vision 2020 and True Parents.

Afterward, the former president of UC group, Dr. Sun-joo Hwang addressed a remark with the theme that bringing victory will depend on foreseeing the current of the age.

Dr. Hideyo Oyamata, the president of the Unification Thought Institute in Japan and the chairman of the Cheon Ui Won in Japan, gave the congratulatory address, “only by the ideology of True Parents, all the critical problems in the world can be brought to the resolutions.”

As the last guest speaker, Dr. Young-hwi Kim, the international senior chairman of Cheon Ui Won, addressed the speech of encouragement that the roles of ministers are the utmost importance in the nation, and they are the ones who shall be opening the way to the victorious era.

In the audience, there were distinguished guests such as the chairman, Dr. Dong-moon Ju and the chairman Dr. In-tae Hwang. Once the entrance ceremony was over, the chairman Dr. Sun-joo Hwang gave a commemorative speech emphasizing that the ideology of True Parents are interrelated to the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution, that is the new tide of the creative energy to emerge.

After the guest speakers remark, Dr. Jin-chun Kim, the president of Heavenly legislation institute in Korea, gave a lecture. ‘Theory of the original Image of God through the Unification Thought’ regarding God’s existence and the creationism.

At last, Dr. Hang-jae Kim, the chairman of Cheon Il Guk Academy, gave a lecture. ‘The Innovative discussion on the unity of the religion and the politics’ and ‘the political theology of Unification Thought.’

All the students have shown great enthusiasm for learning through the lectures despite the humid temperature of the day until the schedule was completed at 5 o’clock.